SMX East 2016 Marketing Conference & Expo

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The 2016 SMX East Conference & Expo is another one of Marketing Land's, annual events for marketing professionals. As always Google and many other tech companies, were there educating marketers and advertisers, on product changes and best practices. Thousands of professionals from across the country attend the event, to stay ahead of the curve with today's fast changing marketing trends.

If you are an advertiser or marketing professional SMX East is highly recommended. You will be able to gain invaluable insights into new technologies, that will affect the way you service clients' accounts. The Google sessions are held by Google's product managers and after they are finished speaking, the floor is open to ask as many questions as you like.

For instance, remember when Google did away with the right rail ads, earlier this year? 6 Degrees was in attendance at their West Coast conference, probing along with others, trying our best to get any information we could as to what was planned for this space. To no avail on that one! They weren't giving that away.

At SMX East professionals learned a great deal about Google's plan for cross-device targeting and much more. If you are a marketing professional SMX East is definitely a valuable event to be a part of.

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